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The Reading Den is a weekly book club for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and their carers. Run by a qualified teacher, the stories and activities promote learning outcomes from the EYFS.

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The Reading Den: What are the benefits?

Expands your child's vocabulary.

Teaches patterns of speech and communication.

Nurtures their emotional understanding and empathy.

Introduces concepts including numbers, colours and shapes.

Develops their working memory and listening skills.

Encourages a love of language, books and storytelling.


Story Explorers


Brushstroke Gradient Swash Down


Each week a new story is enjoyed and explored. Children are invited to respond to key questions, supporting speaking, listening and understanding.

Our book inspired craft activities encourage children to embrace their creativity whilst developing  fine motor skills, preparing them as future writers.

Playdoh mats, roleplay, sensory trays - The Reading Den provides stimulating and educational opportunities for children to immerse themselves in the story.

Parent & Child Classes

Brushstroke Gradient Swash Down



9.45am - 10.30am

Babies and toddlers

Ages 0 - 4 years

Hertford Methodist Church

Ware Road

Hertford, SG13 7DZ

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discounts for

block bookings


5 week block £37.50


PAYG £9 per week

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50% Sibling Discount

Park & Play

FREE PARKING is available opposite in the Matalan carpark or at Tesco, nearby.

OASIS CAFE runs in the Church foyer from 9am - 2pm, serving drinks, cakes and snacks.

Designated baby changing.

Nurture Empathy

Expand Vocabulary

Love Books

Call: 07713 130583

Email: tracy@thefairytalemum.com

Brushstroke Gradient Swash Down

Happy reading!

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I help children develop a lifelong love of language, books and storytelling, giving them a head start to becoming better readers and writers.

To find out how The Reading Den can help your child,